Depression to Bliss

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Play me first.

“There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”


I cry a lot. Ever since I could remember, I’d always cry about the smallest things. Happy, sad and all the ridges and crevices of human emotions. I feel a lot. I dream a lot. I wonder a lot. I’ve always been profoundly emotional about everything. Always thinking and feeling a little deeper than others. Always letting everything move me, the beautiful and ugly parts. When you feel and experience life with depth, everything is intensified. Everything is pulsating, as if it was connected to your own veins.

I have a pretty sunny perception on life. But I wasn’t always like this. I was actually the complete opposite.

Maybe it was teenage angst. Maybe at the time, it was my relationship with my mother. Maybe because I completely hated her husband and I…

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Behind the Golden Altar

cant wait to go to italy so i can take in all the beauty

The (Semi-Regular) Roaming Lama

The Golden Altar at St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy is an amazing display of Byzantine architecture in the world. The church which sits on the Grand Canal in St. Mark’s square is remarkable. The Golden Altar is known for the Pala d’Oro which is a panel of gold with gems inlaid in it. Originally commissioned in the 900s it has survived throughout many attempts to dismember it – Napolean stole a few gems but it remains largely intact. Here behind the altar I set my camera on a ledge and pointed it at the ceiling framing the cross and the statues of the saints against the backdrop of the golden dome.

Behind the Golden Altar

Golden Altar in Venice

I got in trouble for positioning my camera as I did so I wasn’t able to take anymore shots. I believe it cost a euro or two to go up in this area where…

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The Beach Path

path to no where or path to heaven?

The (Semi-Regular) Roaming Lama

“If you’re reading this…Congratulations, you’re alive.
If that’s not something to smile about, then I don’t know what is.”

– Chad Sugg, Monsters Under your Head

The Beach Path – Lake Michigan

Beach Path Sunset Lake Michigan

The path leading to the beach below it on the Michigan side of Lake Michigan where we spend many weekends in the summer. The two benches where people old and young remove their shoes before sprinting down to hop into the frigid cold waters (especially after this winter). The sunsetting slowly into the lake as the sky takes on all different shades of orange and pink. The dunes to the right and left creating a perfect place to lay the planks of a path…It is a such a contrast from the Chicago craziness we take in during the week or the Chicago beaches on the weekend so it is always nice to step away to our little slice…

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The Clouded Peak of Mount Rundle

doesnt get any better, next vaca spot?!

The (Semi-Regular) Roaming Lama

It was hovering below zero the night before and as the sun rose I swear it got colder. Despite my many layers of clothing, gloves and socks my whole body was cold. I had toe warmers in my boots (rated to -32 degrees Fahrenheit) and for hand warmers for my hands but it made little difference. In stark contrast to the picturesque (and warm) sunset that I posted yesterday from a lovely Michigan beach this is the other end of landscape photography that makes me smile. Being out there shivering, watching the sun struggle to work its way through the clouds to warm up the landscape and the peaks of Mount Rundle on the left edge of the frame barely showing through the heavy clouds in the morning. It certainly wasn’t perfect as I would have preferred the clouds behind the mountain and the temperature about twenty degrees warmer…but the…

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Magic over the Pier

so sick, love sunsets

The (Semi-Regular) Roaming Lama

Magic moments/right place at the right time/pure luck – whatever you want to call it are rare events. As someone who enjoys photography and understands the impact a dramatic colorful sky can have on the overall feeling of a photo these moments are very few and far between. This January night in Santa Monica, California I was very fortunate to capture this one.

Magic over the Pier – Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica Pier California

This is a slightly different position than the picture I posted back in February just after this trip but in this one I like the look of the ferris wheel better because it is a little more colorful.

We are off to New Orleans tomorrow for a friend’s wedding. Can’t wait to be back in the Big Easy.

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